Heft IQ for Brands

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Heft IQ for Brands

Today, staying ahead means leveraging data to its fullest potential. At Heft IQ, we transform complex data landscapes into clear, actionable insights, empowering your brand to not only react but proactively shape market trends.

Our advanced AI-driven platform analyzes real-time data to deliver precise, actionable insights that help you optimize operations, refine your marketing strategies, and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Heft IQ: Your Partner in Data-Driven Brand Success.



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Heft IQ: Your Partner in Data-Driven Brand Success

Advanced Tools For Decision Centric Enterprises

E-commerce Order Analytics

Get detailed insights into your e-commerce orders. Track order volume, value, and trends over time. Identify your best-selling products and peak sales periods.

  • Track order volume and value over time
  • Identify best-selling products
  • Spot peak sales periods

Inventory Analytics

Manage your inventory efficiently with real-time analytics. Monitor stock levels, track inventory turnover, and predict future demand.

  • Monitor stock levels in real-time
  • Track inventory turnover
  • Predict future demand


Receive personalized recommendations to optimize your supply chain. Discover opportunities for cost reduction, process improvement, and revenue growth.

  • Discover cost reduction opportunities
  • Optimize your shipping costs
  • Uncover potential for revenue growth turnover
  • Predict future demand

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