Heft IQ for 3PLs

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Heft IQ for 3PLs

In the realm of 3PL operations, AI-driven insights play a pivotal role in optimizing processes and enhancing decision-making. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, 3PLS can uncover valuable data patterns and trends, leading to unprecedented efficiency and strategic advancements in supply chain management.


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How To Use

Implementation & Integration Ease

  • Diverse Connection Options: Wide range of supported connection methods, including webhooks, APIs, ODBC, JDBC, and EDI connections, showcases the flexibility of our platform to integrate with virtually any WMS system.
  • Rapid First-Time Integration: The initial integration can be completed in up to just 2 days, from establishing connectivity to displaying fully functional dashboards.
  • Accelerated Subsequent Integrations: Each subsequent integration can be completed in mere minutes, demonstrating the scalability of our solution.
  • Comprehensive Support Included: Comprehensive support and guidance provided during the initial integration process, ensuring a smooth and successful setup. On-going support includes direct access to technical assistance via Slack, marketing materials for the WMS vendor’s team and 24/7 monitoring.

Transform Your 3PL Operations with Heft IQ’s Advanced Analytics

Advanced Tools For Decision Centric Enterprises

E-commerce Order Analytics

Get detailed insights into your e-commerce orders. Track order volume, value, and trends over time. Identify your best-selling products and peak sales periods.

  • Track order volume and value over time
  • Identify best-selling products
  • Spot peak sales periods

Inventory Analytics

Manage your inventory efficiently with real-time analytics. Monitor stock levels, track inventory turnover, and predict future demand.

  • Monitor stock levels in real-time
  • Track inventory turnover
  • Predict future demand


Receive personalized recommendations to optimize your supply chain. Discover opportunities for cost reduction, process improvement, and revenue growth.

  • Discover cost reduction opportunities
  • Optimize your shipping costs
  • Uncover potential for revenue growth turnover
  • Predict future demand

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