Transform Your Supply Chain with Real-Time Intelligence

Heft IQ leverages advanced AI to provide instant insights, optimizing your logistics and inventory decisions.

About Us

At Heft IQ, we understand that the backbone of successful e-commerce is real-time decision-making.

Heft IQ is an AI-Driven Advanced Analytics Platform positioned to be the Operating System (OS) for Supply Chain & Logistics.

Heft IQ builds on years of leading-edge digital warehouse & fulfillment operations knowledge to provide an intuitive & modern interface driven by Generative AI that analyzes performance, diagnoses bottlenecks & failure points in real-time, and recommends actions based on forecasting out-of the box.

Our Solutions

Core Offerings:

How It Works

For Brands

Enhance operational efficiency, improve tracking, and reduce costs.

Enhance market insights, demand planning, and supply chain visibility.

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Advanced Tools For Decision Centric Enterprises

E-commerce Order Analytics

Get detailed insights into your e-commerce orders. Track order volume, value, and trends over time. Identify your best-selling products and peak sales periods.

  • Track order volume and value over time
  • Identify best-selling products
  • Spot peak sales periods

Inventory Analytics

Manage your inventory efficiently with real-time analytics. Monitor stock levels, track inventory turnover, and predict future demand.

  • Monitor stock levels in real-time
  • Track inventory turnover
  • Predict future demand


Receive personalized recommendations to optimize your supply chain. Discover opportunities for cost reduction, process improvement, and revenue growth.

  • Discover cost reduction opportunities
  • Optimize your shipping costs
  • Uncover potential for revenue growth turnover
  • Predict future demand
supply chain Community

A caring supply chain community to help you stay on track.

You don’t have to start from scratch. We leverage industry knowledge as well as your specialized needs and automate the solution.

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