Heft IQ

You cannot grow your e-commerce brand on spreadsheets.

E-commerce requires real-time decision making & understanding where you need warehousing to reduce shipping costs to your customers.

You need geographic demand forecasting.

We’re connecting warehouse companies so there is full visibility on their fulfillment performance, no guessing.

Move from daily reports to having realtime insights as they occur.

Progress Tracker

Track your e-commerce orders effortlessly

Inbound receipts, order fulfillment, outbound, we track it all automatically across any 3PL/warehouse provider using any WMS.


Focus on growing your brand.

IQ Notification

Never miss an alert

Supply chains focused on e-commerce depend on timely events.

2-day shipping means you don’t have days to figure things out.

Your customers expect performance from your brand regardless of your warehouse provider. Your brand takes the hit.

You need better tools to improve service to your customers.

You don’t need data, you need insights surfaced, now.

One Login

No logging into multiple systems, maintaining multiple passwords

Built for Collaboration

Inviting team members is simple, email a link

Real-time Tracking

Don't spend hours merging spreadsheets to figure out what is happening

Standardized Reports

Leverage the power of our collective knowledge of supply chains

Proactive Alerts

Don't go digging, we surface the problematic events using AI


We leverage machine learning to benchmark several KPIs and make recommendations

supply chain Community

A caring supply chain community to help you stay on track.

You don’t have to start from scratch. We leverage industry knowledge as well as your specialized needs and automate the solution.

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